Getting Here

Compare the airfare to Cozumel vs. Cancun. If there’s not a big difference, we strongly suggest flying into Cozumel International Airport. If you fly into Cancun you will have to either take a taxi, bus or commuter air shuttle to Cozumel. The air shuttle is the best option. Otherwise you are faced with a 45 minute ride to the Playa del Carmen ferry, waiting for the ferry, a 35 minute ferry ride to Cozumel, a long walk down the pier, and getting a taxi to the condo. There is an air shuttle service that flies directly into Cozumel International Airport in 25 minutes from Cancun.  WE CAN GET YOU A DISCOUNT ON MAYA AIR. Here is other information on Cancun Airport transportation: Here are airlines that fly into Cozumel International Airport: Cancun: Charters: FunJet MLT Vacations Ask the charter companies for airfare-only tickets. If this is not available, compare the rates between regularly scheduled commercial airlines and the charter rate — it may be cheaper even with the package they offer. Every member of your party will need a passport. Airlines do not permit passengers to board flights to Mexico without showing a valid passport. Driver’s permits, voter registration cards, affidavits and similar documents are not sufficient.