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poolandrocks pool Two views of the multi-level pool.   We sometimes see the Octopus (pictured below), the world’s largest private yacht, anchored right off Casa Phoenix. Custom-built and owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, she is 413 feet with a crew of 60 and not one but two heliports. Of course she has the requisite remote controlled undersea rover, a 12-man submersible, a recording studio and a personal crew of 60, including several former Navy Seals. She reportedly cost him $200 million to build and about $2 million a month to operate. It’s not unusual to see the Octopus or Goygpus, Bill Gates’ yacht, when you’re at Casa Phoenix. Bill’s yacht only has one heliport. Piker. See octopus Satellite photo of Cozumel Island.  Casa Phoenix is on the west shore (left in the picture), mid-island where the light colored area is.  That is the town of San Miguel, the only populated part of Cozumel. cozumelsatphoto Taken from the Casa Phoenix balcony.  That’s a dive boat going out for a night dive. sunset1 This was taken by our annual guests, Butch & Sherry Hammer: Casa Phoenix Cozumel Cozumel Vacation Condo For Rent In Mexico Sunset from the Casa Phoenix Cozumel terrace